1/Personal Information
Age Group(please select one of the following):
2/Skin Characteristics
What is your skin's water-to- oil behavior?
shine from excessive sebum activity; black head, comedone, and acne prone; often associated with enlarged pores
extreme, uneven, and regional skin behavior; usually associated with excess shine, congestion, enlarged pores around T-zone, and dry, dull, sensitive prone in other areas
inadequte hydration and sebum production resulting in dryness, dullness, chapped skin, often associated with discomfort, irritation, and sensitivity. skin is line prone with rough scaly texture
What is your skin's developmental behavior?
degradation of collagen resulting in loss of skin elasticity, resulting in lines and lack of firmness
uneven skin tone, dull and yellowish skin, freckles, pigmentation including post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation
thin and delicate skin prone to redness, itchiness, dryness and other signs of allergies, easily irritated and sensitized by changes in the environment
raging hormones, active sebum, pore congestion are main causes of acne inflammation, often associated with blackheads, comedones, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
3/Lifestyle Influencers
What are some of your lifestyle & habits?
4/Physical Environment
Current state of climate in geographic location.